The Longmeadow High School Vision of the Graduate is a holistic description of the skills, understandings, and dispositions that students should strive to attain by graduation. LHS educators, in conjunction with community stakeholders, identified six competencies that are critical to ensuring students are prepared for future success.

These competencies are embedded into learning activities and experiences across disciplines in the following ways:

  • The core competencies are displayed visually throughout the school and emphasized through a variety of school activities and promotions.

  • Educators consistently use the terminology of the core competencies in order to familiarize students with their importance.

  • Lesson planning and assessments incorporate opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery of the core competencies.

  • Students will be given the opportunity to self-assess their progress in achieving the core competencies and reflect on the role they play in their education.

Watch the video “Livin’ the VOG”

In addition to LHS embarking on the challenge to embed the VOG competencies into everyday learning activities and experiences of students, other schools in the district have also joined in to try to align their current efforts with the VOG competencies and approach. All LPS schools have their own unique cultures and nuances, but it is exciting to see how they can retain their uniqueness while committing to ensuring that all students are building skill sets and competencies at grade/age appropriate levels and that these fit in very nicely with the LHS Vision of the Graduate. Please see some video clips from other LPS schools regarding how the VOG is playing out in other LPS schools.

Wolf Swamp Elementary School


Blueberry Hill Elementary School

What does success look like? - Jan

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