The Wellness curriculum provides students with the opportunity to develop their physical, mental, and social well-being throughout their four years of high school. Learning experiences are designed to help promote positive attitudes and behaviors that may enhance the quality of life and to maximize personal potential. Health activities will provide students with the knowledge to think critically, communicate effectively, make good decisions and act responsibly. Physical activities, both recreational and competitive, will provide students with a base of knowledge needed to help maintain their personal fitness throughout their lifetime. Longmeadow High School promotes physical activity as part of a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.


Wellness Department Expectations for Student Learning

Students will:

    1. Learn the basic rules and history of a variety of games/activities
    2. Practice and develop skills needed to participate in various games/activities
    3. Develop abilities in team play and game strategy
    4. Know the importance of Functional Movement Patterns
    5. Understand the connection between Functional Movement Screening to their overall fitness
    6. Have a basic understanding of the major muscle groups and know how muscles work
    7. Know the different components of fitness and understand how to set up a fitness program to keep their body fit
    8. Develop skills to work in group settings to accomplish tasks.
    9. Develop skills to deal with stress, including relaxation techniques
    10. Understand the need for physical, mental, and emotional growth

Successful completion of four years of Wellness credit is an LHS graduation requirement.


Rita Hawker

Department Chair

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John Rauseo

Wellness Teacher

Meaghan Roy

Heath Teacher

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Nicholas St. George

Wellness Teacher

Tanner Williams

Wellness Teacher