The 193 flags (including one UN flag)  are raised manually by United Nations Security officers every weekday morning at 8am and lowered every weekday at around 4pm, except in the cases of bad weather. The flags are organized in English alphabetical order from north to south. On weekends, only the UN flag is raised. United Nations



The World Language Department at Longmeadow High School provides students with the opportunity to study languages in programs of four- or five-year sequences. Students who complete the honors sequence may enroll in the Advanced Placement course during their final year of study. They may then elect to take the National College Board Advanced Placement exam, offered every year in May.

Over the course of the curriculum, the department seeks to foster an understanding of cultures around the world.  Students also develop an ability to read and understand the target language and to express their feelings, ideas and knowledge in written and spoken form.   

The French and Spanish programs use a wide variety of authentic materials in the classroom, including literature, news broadcasts, films and current writings to bring the Francophone and Spanish-speaking worlds alive for the students.  In the Latin program, students study ancient writings to gain a deeper understanding of the language and history of the Roman Empire.  This combination of approaches enhances student language skills and develops learners ready to apply their knowledge and skills beyond the walls of Longmeadow High School.


Students who study World Languages at Longmeadow High School should be able to:


Kathleen Epaul

Department Chair


Melissa Candon



Caitlin Follett



Molly Bass



Angela Malec



Patrick Magowan



Maria Mendez Marchese 



Karin Riordan



Najat Kandri-Hassani

Long Tem Substitute


Junior at Longmeadow High School Wins 2019 National Travel Award

Maeve Shea, a junior at Longmeadow High School, has won the 2019 Junior Study Abroad Scholarship for her achievement on the National Spanish Examination and for her excellent skills in the Spanish language. This national award, valued at over $3,500, is given each year to twenty-four students from across the United States who become eligible by earning high scores on the National Spanish Examination and then submitting samples of their written and oral work in Spanish to a selection committee.

In July, Maeve will be traveling to Spain with the other 23 winners to study Spanish language and culture at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. “This two-week immersion program is designed to allow our top students to study university-level material during 90-minutes classes and then go on an excursion to see firsthand what they’ve learned in class.” Said Kevin Cessna-Buscemi, Director of the National Spanish Examinations. Longmeadow High School, which has a long history of excellence in academics, has participated in the National Spanish Examination for the last 7 years. Congratulations to student Maeve Shea and her Spanish teachers, Laurie Ferreira

Website: WL Important Dates

Award Winners on National Language Exams 2016

The national language examinations are administered each year across the nation and are sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French, the American Classical League and the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. 

Once again, Longmeadow High School students have proven themselves to be outstanding language learners. This year over 260 Longmeadow High School students participated in the national exams. Of those who took the exam, 49% placed in the 75th percentile or above, nationally. Collectively, Longmeadow High School students earned 43 Gold medals, 35 Silver Medals and 50 Bronze medals with many more receiving an honorable mention. 

*Students listed in bold with an asterix received recognition in more than one language.

World Language National Exam Recognition Assemblies 2016

The following students received a gold medal, placing in the 95% or above on their exam:

French 2: Nicholas Komaiszko, Alexander Koran, *Sol Markman, Aidan O’Keefe, Gabriella Santiago, Jeffrey Zheng

French 3: Michael Baick, *Michael Reyes, Maxwell Schneider

French 4: Emily Anfang, Emily Kapner, Jordan Kei-Rahn, Brendan Philbin

Latin 2: *Brahadesh Sivakumar

Spanish 1: *Michael Reyes

Spanish 2:  Nicole Castro, Nathaniel Cieplik, Diraliz Cruz, Harry Li, William Most, Cicily Paadam,Timothy Robinson, Ruby Shea, *Brahadesh Sivakumar, Maxwell Waslick

Spanish 3: Abigail Biron, Kelsey Burroughs, Laura Chamberlain, Daniel Comey, William Chen, Isabel Cummings, Emily Dash, Camille Forbes, *Sol Markman, Margaret Moriarty, Anahita Nimbalkar, Monika Nowak, Stephanie Zavalunov, 

Spanish 4: Lucy Metz, Delaney Woods

Spanish 5: Abigail Glick, *Katherine O’Shea, Michelle Waslick

The following students received a silver medal, placing between the 85% and 95%.

French 2:  Vanessa Cardaropoli, Nechelle Dias, Olesya Havrylyuk, Alexander Jones, Anna MacDonnell

French 3: Hannah Aseltine, Eugene Shao, *Lee Duan, Luke Stathis, Stephanie Perkins, Grace Rhodes, Amelia Ryan

French 4:  Dierdre Duquette, Benji Fazaeli 

Latin 2:  *Ashvin Babu, Chloe Wray

Spanish 1: Jerold Duquette, Michaela Ryan

Spanish 2: Katherine Gelinas, Duncan Kelly, Emma Konkoly, Sarah Padilla, Tara Phillips, Emily Yorns

Spanish 3: Sarah Coyle, Nishal D’Souza, Taylor Ditmar, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Eddie Garibian, Sydney Kraez, Olivia Nash, Francisco Oh, Hannah Orujev, Rose Padaam, Nathan Pen, Rafael Rubenstein, Takara Weir

Spanish 4: Michael Cooper, Aubrey Daviau, Sam Freedman, Austin Griffiths, Cali Grincavitch, Nicholas Horowitz, Vivian Li

Spanish 5: Zachary Wahrman

Spanish 6:  *Lee Duan

The following students received a bronze medal, placing between the 75% and 85%.

French 2: William Jones, Abbie Mokwuah, *Katherine O’Shea, Lindsey Pelliccia, Madison Romano, McKelvie Smith

French 3: Maiah Brush 

French 4: Jackson Carson, Fiona Noonan, Kathleen Novak

French 5:  Lisa Schmelkin

Latin 2:  Emmy Batchelor, Cordelia Jones

Spanish 1: Jasmine Fu

Spanish 2: John Barron, *Ashvin Babu, Jasmine Fatemi, Rachel Freedman, Lily Grigley, Natalie Horowitz, Carolyn Joyce, Megan Judge, Sarah Kelly, Mary MacDonnell, Taylor McHugh, Callen Neveu, Lazar Petrovic,  Nicholas Robinson, Joseph Sanchez, Jillian Weldon

Spanish 3: Riemke Bouvier, Samuel Byrne, Oliver Davis, John Freeman, Joshua Glick, Olivia Lemire, Pierce Leveille, Robert Panetti, Zachary Peterson, Spencer Robbins, Noah Skole

Spanish 4: Eric Adams,Tanner Allen, Jonathan Douglas, Marguerite Gelinas, Devon Lyon, Kirtana Palreddy, Noelle Peluso, Elaina Stamas, Hannah Valencia, Phillip Van

Spanish 5: Rebekah Davis, Jake Jakowski, Kayla Mernoff, Benjamin Skiest, Seth Wernick

The following students received Honorable Mention for their performance on the national language exam.

French 2: Bridget Drummey, Caroline Goodhines 

French 3: *Isabella Alexander, Meg Amato, Katrina Feldman, Alan Lee, Eric Miller, Daniel Moore, Regan Perry

French 4: Noelle Ehrenberg, Emily Freda, Luisa Gunn, Chloe Hunt, Olivia Rourke, Emily Suher

French 5: Madeleine Aseltine, Suzanne Elfman, Sam Paleologopoulos, Tia Stathis, Max Stukalin

Latin 2: Sarah Coyle, Sydney Kraez

Spanish 1: *Isabella Alexander

Spanish 2:  Carlo Calabrese, Ellen Coughlin-Michon, Alyson Grodsky, Katherine Guidrey ,Brody Killeen, Nathan Krevolin, Savannah Martin, Quinn Nelson, Maya Neumann, Ashley O’Farrell, Michael Perez-Gelinas, Kathleen Santarelli, Zachary Steinberg, Audrey Woods, Esther Yen, 

Spanish 3: Thomas Acquista, Grace Barbieri, Julia Barron, William Echeverria, Brandon Goodman, Yasmin Goodman, William Hornyak, Alexandra Marino, Bruce Patyn, Emily Salwen, Matthew Sambor, Leelle Tyler, Amber Wu

Spanish 4: Emma Henshaw, Anna MacDonnell, Daniel Moore, Benjamin Muhlmann, Connor Phillips, Brooke Travers, Korry Yam

Spanish 5: Naomi Diaz, Colin Hurley, Noah Kalman, Aditi Nimbalkar, Molly Tobias, Matthew Walthouse

Longmeadow Educational Excellence Foundation LEEF Grant 2015

Wadsworth Atheneum & Lunch at Costa del Sol

On November 4, students from Spanish III Honors, French III Honors and French III traveled to the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford to view the European Collection. 

After viewing selected works of art with docents, the Spanish students had an authentic Spanish lunch of paella at Costa del Sol. 

The French students enjoyed a traditional French lunch at Àvert Brasserie. The students and their teachers, Sra. Alves, Madame Ferreira, Madame Koziol, and Sra. Riordan, were impressed with the collection of art, the Atheneum, and the restaurants. It was a fabulous trip

French Trip West Hartford