THE LONGMEADOW HIGH SCHOOL PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM is a four year requirement for all students. The program is designed to develop fundamental neuro-muscular skills, leadership, and sportsmanship. The physical education courses attempt to guide individual growth, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. The program includes active participation in seasonal competitive and recreational activities. Formalized work in team and individual sports along with health practices are stressed. Knowledge and written tests are administered in most of the program units. Freshmen classes meet for one semester and upper classes met for a full year.

  • In the freshmen year students will participate in lacrosse, team handball, track and field, swimming. They will also be an introduced to the weight room and fitness principles needed to gain strength, agility, power, and speed.
  • The sophomore year physical education program stresses teamwork and cooperation through many team building activities. Students will also participate in step aerobics, water polo, ultimate frisbee, and fitness activities which incorporate a variety of fitness principles.
  • The junior year focuses on a variety of individual activities including tennis, diamond games, basic self defense, relaxation and stress reduction activities, fitness swimming, and a thorough anatomy/weight training unit. Students will design fitness programs based on individual needs utilizing the knowledge acquired during the school year.
  • For the senior year the program is designed to provide students with lifetime activities such as fitness walking, bocce, table tennis, badminton, yoga, and TRX Senior students will also participate in football and volleyball

All grade levels will combine for two weeks for a dance unit which encompasses traditional square dances but with an emphasis on line dances.



  • Learn the basic rules and history of games.
  • Acquire an appreciation of games.
  • Practice and develop the skills needed to play games.
  • Develop their abilities in team play and game strategies.
  • Develop physical, mental, and emotional growth.
  • Will learn to enjoy active participation.

  • Understand the need for a lifestyle of physical activity.
  • Develop an appreciation for individual physical fitness.
  • Know the muscle groups and a proper ways to keep the body fit.
  • Practice cooperation in performance of group task.
  • Develop coping skills to deal with stress and disappointment.
  • Demonstrate ability to manage stress through relaxation techniques.


Rita Hawker

Department Chair

2018 School Climate Survey

John Rauseo

PE Teacher

Meaghan Roy

Heath Teacher

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Nicholas St. George

PE Teacher

Tanner Williams

PE Teacher