Pupil Services & Academic Support


The Pupil Services Department at Longmeadow High School supports educational accommodations for students with identified learning problems. Individualized educational plans (IEP) are developed to help each student achieve at a level consistent with his/her potential. The special education teachers and aides work in partnership with classroom teachers to create a learning environment supportive of student success.

Parent/guardian(s), students, or teachers have the right to refer a student for a formal evaluation if they suspect a learning problem or disability that may be impeding the student’s academic growth. These referrals are made to the school counselor who will bring the requests to the LHS pre-referral team for discussion of appropriate action.

For detailed information and questions regarding the process, please contact the LHS Supervisor of Pupil Services, your LHS school counselor or the district Office of Pupil Services (565-4210).