Update - LHS Drop Off and Pick Up

Dear parents and guardians:

As many of you know, drop off in the morning and to a lesser extent pick up in the afternoon continues to present some challenges at LHS in terms of moving people and vehicles efficiently, and most importantly keeping our students safe.  To that end, administrators from the high school, the police chief, our school resource officer, the director of public works, and members of the school building committee met with our architects and the traffic engineers to formulate a plan to address these concerns.  Following are the primary issues and the steps we need to take.

1.  The drop off / pick up area is not being fully utilized.  It is common for vehicles to pull up just past the crosswalk and let their students off, creating a situation where only two or three cars are in the drop off area at one time instead of the seven or eight the area is designed for.  Fully utilizing the drop off area will move traffic significantly faster, and create a natural break where students, faculty and visitors can use the crosswalk in safety.  A large sign has been placed at the end of the drop off area to remind everyone to pull all the way forward.

2.  Students are being dropped off / picked up next to the fence separating the bus drop off from the traffic lane.  This area was never intended for drop off and pick up as doing so creates a safety hazard for the students.  A large sign has been placed just before the bus lane as well as signs on the fence as reminders.

3.  A small number of vehicles are moving too fast on the driveway , creating a significant safety issue.  Please slow down.  Dropping off just five minutes earlier would help address what happens when we “run late”, and based upon our experience this fall, reduce the congestion as well.

4.  To help alleviate the morning congestion, we have asked our faculty and staff to enter the parking area from Bliss Road, proceeding through the central office lot.  In order to make this work effectively, we are asking that students not be dropped off in this area, but rather to enter on Grassy Gutter and proceed all the way up to the marked drop off area, avoiding the student parking lot.  Likewise, we are having a number of students being dropped off in the rear of the building, which is contributing to the congestion on Williams Street, and in the rear parking area, which was never designed for this purpose.

5.  When leaving school grounds, if it is your intent to go down Bliss Road toward the Shoppes, please take the right through the central office parking lot and then take a right onto Bliss.  As we are placing signage to divide the lanes in this section of the driveway, if you are in the right lane, you will be “forced” to exit through the central office lot.  Please also note that it might be quicker to go this way and go around the Blinn Courts if you are headed toward Longmeadow Street, rather than waiting to get onto Grassy Gutter and then taking a left onto Bliss.  We have placed cones and a sign in the driveway to mark this exit.

6.  If you are leaving the school grounds and exiting onto Grassy Gutter, we ask you to turn either left or right and not to go straight, cutting across traffic.  We have had two vehicle accidents since the start of school as a result of cars trying to cut across to the side street directly opposite the exit.

We appreciate your continued help in resolving these student safety issues.  For your convenience, a sketch of the driveway and drop off areas is posted on the LHS website.

LHS Administration