LHS Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures -

posted Sep 10, 2013, 7:21 AM by Hilary Godin

Please allow this to serve as an update for parents dropping off and picking up students at LHS.  Please know that LHS Administrators have been monitoring the parking and drop off activity during the first week of school and will continue to do so over the next few weeks.  We are also working with the Longmeadow Police Department , the DPW, the Town Manager,  LPS Maintenance and our construction company to develop the most safe and effective traffic plan for students and parents.  Continued adjustments will be necessary, as all aspects of the project, including fencing, signage, and paving are not totally complete.  

Having said this, there are some steps that we are asking parents and students to follow in the short run which will expedite the process for everyone.  They are:  

                                                                  Map of Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

  1. Parents dropping students off in the horseshoe should stay in the right lane of the horseshoe without entering the bus loading zone.    Please pull up as far as you can into the horseshoe when dropping off a student. The red area on the attached map marks the two-lane driveway where students should not be dropped off or picked up.  When cars stop to do this, it backs up traffic and slows things down.

  2. When dropping students off or picking them up, please pull as far forward in the green zone as possible.  Other cars can then pull up accordingly, maximizing the amount of cars that can fit into the drop-off area and allowing more students to unload simultaneously.  Students can enter the building using either of the entrances shown in purple. An Administrator will be present and will be waving cars up to the front of the green loading and unloading area.

  3. Students and Faculty, as they enter the horseshoe, should use the left lane and can take a left into the faculty parking/student parking area.  This is located just prior to the bike racks (light blue area on map).

  4. We are suggesting that parents avoid dropping students off on Williams Street.  The road construction issues are complicating the congestion on Williams and adjacent streets.

  5. Please remember to drive slowly at all times while on campus.  There are students, Faculty and visitors walking and using crosswalks.  

  6. Upon exiting the campus at the far end of the horseshoe, we are encouraging everyone to take a right onto Grassy Gutter Road.  We have observed that taking a left and/or driving straight across Grassy Gutter onto Willett is slowing down the exiting process.  

Thank you for your help.  Again, we will continue to monitor the traffic patterns and will keep working with other town agencies to make the traffic move as safely and efficiently as is possible.  More information will follow as the project is completed.

LHS Administration

Hilary Godin,
Sep 10, 2013, 7:21 AM