Scheduling Process for 2016-17

posted Feb 24, 2016, 1:48 PM by Hilary Godin
Students at the high school will be entering their course requests through the PowerSchool public portal. This process will begin next Wednesday, March 2nd, Course Recommendation Day, when students will meet with all of their teachers to discuss their course recommendations. In some cases, teachers may anticipate that a student's reaction to their recommendation may be an emotional one. In order to avoid embarrassing a student, some teachers may choose to speak with a student privately and/or email them a message on their school-based g-mail account prior to next Wednesday, March 2nd. In preparation, students should log onto the Longmeadow High School website to view the Educational Opportunities guide for course descriptions and course pre-requisites. Following the course recommendation period, students will be able to log onto the PowerSchool Public Portal to enter their course requests. Detailed instructions on how to enter their course requests will be posted in the Guidance section of the LHS website (LHS website>Guidance>Course Selection Instructions)


Scheduling Timeline


Week of March 7                                Teachers enter their recommendations in PowerTeacher


March 11th-March 15th                       Students enter their course requests in PowerSchool Public Portal


Beginning on March 16th                   Students meet individually with their Guidance Counselor to discuss their course selections


Students who are unable or need assistance logging into the PowerSchool Public Portal

 should see their Guidance Counselor as soon as possible for assistance.