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posted Oct 18, 2015, 9:21 AM by Hilary Godin

The Longmeadow High School Parent Advisory Council (LHS PAC) is reaching out to you today to invite you to become a PAC member!


What does PAC membership really mean?  Being a part of the LHS PAC means you’ll have the opportunity to be even more informed about events and items of interest at LHS.  You’ll be asked to vote occasionally on proposed PAC expenditures.  And, you’ll be welcomed at PAC meetings, which provide a direct communication link to other LHS parents and the LHS administration and take place every six weeks or so.


LHS PAC is committed to supporting the students and staff of Longmeadow High School. This is an exciting time at LHS.  We have a school that is rich in academics, athletics, the arts, clubs, community service and special events.  With your support, and your membership dollars, the PAC can strengthen LHS programs and events and provide additional tools to help our students succeed.


Joining the PAC requires a small annual donation of $25 or more.  Please complete the attached Membership Form, and mail it to Longmeadow High School today.  Also, please mark your calendar for the next PAC meeting, to be held on Wednesday, November 4 at 8:30 a.m. in the Main Office conference room.  Bring a friend!  We promise the meeting will be brief and the coffee will be hot!


With thanks for your support,


Sherri Ehrenberg



Longmeadow High School PAC Membership

Student Enrichment Fund


Longmeadow High School Parent Advisory Council (LHS PAC) asks that each family consider becoming a member of PAC and supporting the Student Enrichment Fund.

The success of our membership will go a long way in providing many services that benefit our school, its staff, and every student.  As many of our families belong to other groups that do fund-raising within the school, this is our only means of funding, and the only contribution we ask.

Also, with a minimum $25 (per family) contribution to the LHS PAC, you will receive a freecopy of the Longmeadow High School Student Directory for 2015-2016.  Please note that this is the only way the directory will be available.

Please show your support for the LHS PAC by joining our membership roster.  Your support is not only needed, but greatly appreciated.  We anticipate another great academic year at LHS.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Please submit your membership dues by filling out the form below.  Cash or checks can be made payable to LHS PAC and mailed directly to:

LHS, 95 Grassy Gutter Road, Longmeadow, MA  01106 Attn:  LHS PAC


Parent(s) Name(s): ________________________________________________

Student Name: _______________________________________Grade:_______

Student Name:________________________________________Grade:_______

Student Name:________________________________________Grade:_______

Contribution:  $25_______ $30_______ $40_______ $50_______ Other:______

Cash: __________  Check #___________

Thank you for your generous support!

Even you choose not to join the LHS PAC at this time, please fill out the reverse for our directory.  ®


For the 2015-2016 school year, the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) needs information from families for the Student Directory and email notices.  Please return the form to us as soon as possible so we can get an accurate directory out quickly.  Email the form to or mail to:

LHS PAC, 95 Grassy Gutter Road, Longmeadow, MA  01106


_____________________________________(          )     ________________________________(           )

Student’s Last Name, First Name, Grade Fall 2015                     Student’s Last Name, First Name, Grade Fall 2015


_____________________________________(          )     ________________________________(           )

Student’s Last Name, First Name, Grade Fall 2015                      Student’s Last Name, First Name, Grade Fall 2015


__________________________________________________          _______________________________________________

Student’s Primary Address                                                              Student’s Home Phone Number


__________________________________________________          _______________________________________________

Mother’s Last Name, First Name                                                    Father’s Last Name, First Name



Additional Name

**All PAC information will be distributed electronically via email.  Please provide the email address(es) where you would like to receive this information.


**If different, please provide an email address to be listed in the Student Directory.


Please check the appropriate statement below:

_____ I authorize you to print this information in the LHS School Directory every year my child(ren) is/are student(s) at Longmeadow High School

_____I understand my child’s name will be listed in the directory, but please omit all of my information from the directory.

Parent/Guardian Signature:____________________________________________  Date:_______________