Longmeadow Safe Homes Network

posted Oct 23, 2013, 8:06 AM by Hilary Godin
 - Parents and guardians are invited to come to this year's first meeting of the Longmeadow Safe Homes Network, which will take place at 8:45am on Friday, October 25th at Longmeadow High School in room 97 (my office).  The Longmeadow Safe Homes Network is made up of parents who agree to not allow the possession or use of alcohol or other drugs by youth in our homes.  The network is open to all parents and guardians of youth in 6th-12th grades.  Members sign a pledge and are then listed in a directory which is distributed to other members.  Please visit the website at www.LongmeadowSafeHomesNetwork.org for information and to download a pledge.

At our first meeting, we will share with new and prospective members a history of the group.  One of the original founding members will discuss how the first generation of the group came to be over 10 years ago and how the network functioned.  We will then discuss the future of the current network…there are many directions in which we can go depending on parent interest and involvement.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or input if you are not able to attend.


Shelly Warren
Substance Abuse Response Coordinator
Longmeadow Public Schools