Important Parking information -

posted Oct 5, 2014, 4:20 PM by Hilary Godin

Please allow this to serve as an update regarding the traffic patterns on Grassy Gutter Road and the surrounding streets.  One month into the school year, we have been able to observe that several efforts put into place since last Spring have improved logistics and decreased wait times during drop off.  Thanks to the DPW and the Longmeadow Police Department, signage has been added on the side streets and has addressed many of the concerns of neighbors. Recent updates to signage on both Wilkins Drive and Willett Drive limit cars from entering these streets from Grassy Gutter Road between 7-8 am and 2-3 pm.  These changes were necessary due to the increased traffic on these residential streets and the safety issues involved.  

Thank you in advance for not entering these streets during the specified time periods.  The wait time on Grassy Gutter has decreased dramatically since the new LHS opened in 2013.  We have been monitoring this consistently and traffic is generally dissipated on Grassy Gutter by 7:40.  Many students and parents are coming earlier to LHS and this has helped the situation greatly.  More students are also walking and riding their bicycles to school.  There are plenty of bicycle racks available on our campus and students are encouraged to take advantage of them.  The crossing guard in front of the school in the morning has also expedited the traffic in the horseshoe and has made the crossing of students safer and more orderly.  Please remember to follow the signals of the crossing guard and pull up as far as you can in front of the school in order to allow more cars to unload students simultaneously.  

Thank you to the town and the police department for their help in securing a crossing guard.  It has helped immensely.  All of these efforts have improved the traffic flow during the morning hours.  There will always be some days when traffic is heavier than others and traffic during winter months will definitely be heavier, so please plan accordingly for this. Please remember that all students should entering LHS through either the Main Entrance or the Pool Door Entrance and that students should not be dropped off in the Faculty Lot on Williams Street.  Lastly, please remember that when leaving LHS, cars can exit through the Central Administration parking lot if you are looking for an alternative way to get to Bliss Road.  If you are looking to take a right onto Bliss road, this may expedite things for you and help to avoid cars backing up on Grassy Gutter Road.

Thank you for your patience and help over the past several months with our efforts to improve logistics and respond to the concerns of neighbors.


Thomas Landers


Longmeadow High School