Important Dates for Seniors

posted May 13, 2014, 11:42 AM by Hilary Godin

Monday, June 2 - Graduation at 7:00 pm at Symphony Hall in Springfield  -  Graduates must be at Springfield Symphony Hall by 6:15 pm  -  Upon arrival, please proceed upstairs to the Mahogany Room  -  Please inform your parents and guests that No Balloons are allowed in Symphony Hall  -  Nothing, including flowers, can be given to seniors during graduation  -  There is LIMITED handicapped seating  -  First come basis  -  Call school for details  -  DOORS OPEN FOR PARENTS AND GUESTS AT 6:15 pm  -  Costs for LHS Sponsored Events (Make checks payable to LHS)  -  Dues (if not paid previously) $50 Dues must be paid by April 17  -  High Meadow $35  -  Dues of $50 must be paid for Seniors  -  Prom (includes formal dinner) $30 $60.00 for non-LHS Senior or non-LHS student date  -  Senior Social $0  -  All seniors are encouraged to attend and have a great time!

  • Rehearsals: Do not make any appointments or schedule work, etc. which will interfere with graduation rehearsals or the Awards Assembly. Attendance at rehearsals and the Awards Assembly is a mandatory requirement for graduation participation.
  • Graduation: Students who will not attend graduation should submit a written request to Mr. Lawrence Berte, Principal as soon as possible. 
  • Students should be appropriately attired for the graduation ceremony. Gowns should be 6 inches from the floor—no attachments, signs, etc., including flowers. Gentlemen should wear dress shoes, dark socks, long dark trousers, white shirt and tie. Ladies should wear a white dress (all white no prints/no colors) and white shoes. 
  • Ten tickets per graduate will be issued to seniors at the first rehearsal. If parents need to request additional tickets, parents should email Maureen Cadieux at or send a written request to Mrs. Cadieux—Please include the graduating student’s name and number of extra tickets requested. These will be distributed to students at rehearsal on a first come basis. No return calls or replies to emails will be made to parents. We will do our best to accommodate all reasonable requests. Tickets for all guests will be required for admission to Graduation at Symphony Hall. 
  • A professional photographer will be taking pictures of the individual graduates receiving diplomas. Information regarding accessing prints from website will be given to graduates at rehearsal.