Back to School Night -

posted Sep 8, 2015, 1:20 PM by Hilary Godin

Our Back To School Night is this Thursday, September 10th, starting at 6 pm. Parents will follow a shortened version of their children's schedule and will hear from teachers about the various class expectations and plans for the year.  Last week students were given sheets to take home to parents in order to help you follow their schedule during the evening.  Knowing the teachers and rooms ahead of time will help you navigate the evening more successfully.  As always, we will be happy to print a copy of your child's schedule for you in the Main Office, but having this info with you when you arrive will help you to avoid waiting in line in the Main Office. 

Knowing the following information will make your night go more smoothly.

BLOCK       TIME               SUBJECT          ROOM          TEACHER

Homeroom 6:00 - 6:05

A                6:10 - 6:20

B                6:25 - 6:35

C                6:40 - 6:50

D                6:55 - 7:05

E                7:10 - 7:20

F                7:25 - 7:35

G                7:40 - 7:45

H                7:55 - 8:05