Attention Parents -

posted Oct 24, 2013, 9:53 AM by Hilary Godin
The Longmeadow Select Board, Board of Health, and the School Committee have adopted an Idling Reduction Policy based on a proposal from the Recycling Commission. The policy is designed to comply with the state’s anti-idling law and to reduce the health and environmental affects of vehicle exhaust by reducing unnecessary vehicle idling.

Exhaust fumes from cars and buses contain fine particles that can trigger asthma attacks. Carbon monoxide causes respiratory distress and in high concentrations can be lethal. The elderly, chronically ill, and children are all particularly vulnerable to these health effects because their lung function is respectively decreased, impaired, or still in development. Asthma is the most common chronic illness among children. More than 250,000 adults and 110,000 children in Massachusetts have been diagnosed with asthma (about 6% of the population), the highest reported rate of asthma in the country! We need to all work together to reduce air pollution from vehicles.

School zones often have high levels of exhaust fumes from buses, delivery vehicles and cars dropping off and picking up students. Please help us protect the health of our children and make our air cleaner by following these simple guidelines:

• Turn off your engine when waiting for more than 60 seconds, this saves gas!!

• Keep your engine tuned for efficient fuel consumption and to lower emissions.

• If possible, park your vehicle and come meet your child.

For more information on air quality in Massachusetts, please visit DEP’s website at