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Increasing enrollment, overcrowded classrooms, students enrolling in 5 major subjects, and the threat of double sessions, has caused school administration to request larger physical facilities for the students of Longmeadow High. A High School Study committee, established at the autumn town meeting, will report to the annual town meeting in March. 

The tentative plans include an expansion of the library and the cafeteria, 29 new classrooms, more locker space, and a larger auditorium. 

Mr. Edgar G. Craver, Principal, cites several factors which necessitate this expansion. The most pressing problem is increasing enrollment. The high school, design to accommodate eight hundred students, has a present enrollment of eight hundred six students. On the basis of the number attending the junior high school, one hundred twenty more students will enroll in September of '63, with an additional hundred in '64. An ultimate enrollment of twelve hundred students is predicted.

Excerpt from Jet Jotter 7,14,1963

How to Build a $2.8 million addition. A special Town Meeting was held in October of 1971 to discuss and vote upon the issue of an addition to the High School. Opponents to the addition felt that present facilities could be used in better ways; they did not feel that the expenditure was called for. The proposal was defeated.

At another meeting in June of 1972 the proposal gained additional support because the State would  assume 15 percent more of the costs. This time the proposal was passed with an allocation of 2.8 million dollars. The main elements of the addition involve more gym facilities and a pool, a new library, open classrooms, new science labs, and renovation of the existing areas into a new Fine Arts department.

Students in Longmeadow are fortunate in having access to such excellent facilities. However, it should be remembered that a building is only a physical structure - it is the students who are most important. 

Excerpt  from the 1973 LHS yearbook