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Early views

Excerpt from the first LHS Masacksi yearbook 1957

In September of 1955, the class of '57 was reunited after a year's separation in Springfield. Once again we shifted our allegiances as students, this time to the newly constructed Longmeadow High School. 

Studies were begun that September to the cacophonous accompaniment of hammers and band saws, for the school had yet to recieve its finishing touches. Moreover, as soon as we had settled down, our complacency was shattered by the realization of our situation. No longer under the restraining but sheltering wing of upperclassmen, we were on our own - no seniors to emulate, no traditions to which to adhere. On our shoulders lay partial responsibility for the school's success, and so to us it was given to establish the traditions, to set the precedents, and to aid in organizing the innumerable facets of school life which hitherto had been taken for granted. 

After much to do about the matter, we picked jet and white as our school colors, and chose the Lancer to represent us with his spear and shield. Accordingly, he was incorporated on the school seal, the ring, and the bookcover.

Our next group effort was the planning of a junior dance, the first of many such social affairs to be held at the school. With the passing of the holidays, spring soon appeared, with the debut of the Dramtic Club, in "A is for Apple", which starred the well-known team of Riley and McDonough. Soon after this production came Sport Night, the culmination of a year's athletic competition by the girls, from which the White Team emergerd victorious. The results of a year's work by the music department were revealed on Music Night, with all groups performing. For us as juniors, the climax of the year was the gala Junior Prom, planned by co-chairman Joyce Alberti and Tom McDonough. Prom Queen Mary Brouwer ruled over the festivities.

After an amazingly brief summer, we were back in school-but in an exlted position! We were seniors at least! Combating an elusive preoccupation with colleges, dates, and football games with the set determination to study, we went to work. Our goal: to set an enviable record as seniors.

School spirit was intensified as the Lancers launched their first year of varsity sports. Loyal Lancer crowds urged on the players, supported in their exhortations by the cheerleaders, the drill team, and the band.

As The Masacksic goes to press, half the school year has elapsed. Already we are regarding our high school days retrospectively, and not with out sentiment. We know that as the first class to graduate Longmeadow High School we are in a unique position; we acknowledge both the distinction and the responsiblity which it presents; we intend to fulfill that responsibility.

Photos from Masacksic Yearbook 1957, 1958
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