THE POWERSCHOOL PUBLIC PORTAL gives students and parents the ability to view grades on a regular basis (please note – most LHS teachers use the PowerSchool Public Portal as their gradebook). Public Portal access will be provided to students and parents on an annual basis. Parent/guardian(s) are informed of academic progress through quarterly report cards and midterm progress reports. Parents/guardian(s) and students also have access to attendance and grades through the PowerSchool Public Portal.

PARENT CONFERENCES related to the student's progress may be initiated by the counselor, parent/guardian, teacher or other school administrator.

THE GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT CONTRIBUTES TO THE LHS NEWSLETTER to inform the community of testing dates, college representative visits, important academic schedule dates and other matters of interest.

THE GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT WEBSITE provides electronic access to information and services. Several evening programs for students and parent/guardian(s) regarding middle school to high school transition, college planning, and financial aid are offered each year.

THE GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT HOSTS AND PUBLICIZES VISITS by representatives of colleges, the military and other organizations/agencies promoting post-secondary career opportunities.

THE GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT PUBLISHES THE ANNUAL SCHOOL PROFILE detailing information on academic offerings, grading policies, student achievement, post-secondary placement and class results of admission testing.