College Visits

SENIORS AND JUNIORS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND meetings with college admissions counselors. The guidance department hosts these meetings. They are held in the conference room. Attendance will be taken. Upon the completion of the visit, you must have a guidance secretary sign your pass back to your class. Each visit will last about 30 minutes.Classroom teachers can check an attendance sheet in the Guidance Department after each visit.

EVERY MONTH COLLEGE SIGN UP SHEETS will be posted in the Guidance Department. For planning purposes it is necessary for students to sign up for each visit, early in the month. Visits will be posted in the Guidance Department and on the LHS website. Students must obtain a pass from their classroom teacher, 24 hours in advance, in order to attend. Attendance at college visits must not interfere with written work or with test periods. Teachers shall have the privilege of denying absences from class where it is deemed advisable.

LISTS OF COLLEGE VISITS ARE POSTED IN THE GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT and on the LHS website. Information is updated on the Guidance Office posting as visits are scheduled. Interested students should periodically check the updated list.