Attendance, Tardies & Dismissals


ATTENDING SCHOOL ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, SHOULD BE THE FIRST PRIORITY OF ALL STUDENTS. Medical appointments, personal appointments, etc., should be scheduled outside of school hours whenever possible. We recognize; however, that this is not always possible and there may be times when a student must miss all or part of a day due to reasons other than illness. All absences must be excused and verifiable.

IF A STUDENT IS GOING TO BE ABSENT DUE TO ILLNESS, the parent/guardian is asked to call the absence phone line at 413-565-4217 before 9:00 AM on the day of the absence and follow the prompts to leave a message for the class advisors. Only the parents and guardians may call in a student’s absence.

IF A STUDENT IS GOING TO MISS PART OF THE DAY a note from the parent/guardian must be brought to school and include the following information:
    • Student’s name
    • Parent / guardian’s phone number
    • An acceptable reason for the absence
    • The specific time of the student’s arrival or departure
    • A list of the classes the student will miss
    • In the case of a dismissal an indication if the student is going to return and the approximate time
    • Personal illness of the student; verified with a doctor’s note
    • Serious illness or death in the family
    • Severe storm or impassable roads
    • Religious observance
    • College visitations – limit of two days
* Please note that any student who misses class time during the the day which is not excused is not eligible to participate in any after school activities, including class events, clubs, drama, music or athletics.
ANY STUDENT WHO ARRIVES LATE TO SCHOOL AND HAS A NOTE FROM A PARENT OR GUARDIAN, should report to the student office upon arrival.

ANY STUDENT WHO ARRIVES TO SCHOOL BEFORE 8:00 AM AND DOES NOT HAVE A NOTE should proceed immediately to their first block class.

ANY STUDENT WHO ARRIVES TO SCHOOL AFTER 8:00 AM should go directly to the Student Office.

Students arriving to their first period class after 7:44 am are considered tardy to school. Administrators will assign detentions for those who are repeatedly tardy to school. Students arriving to their first period class after 7:48 are considered late to class and may receive a partial class cut accompanied by potential loss of credit.

If a student arrives to their first block class tardy unexcused, s/he will be expected to fill out a tardy cut slip which the teacher will collect and forward to the appropriate administrator for processing. If the tardy is excused, for the same reasons as an absence, the parent/guardian note must state the expected time of arrival, the reason for the tardy, and a phone number where a parent may be reached for verification.

Attendance will be taken first block in every class by 8:00 am. Attendance in this block will be used as a guide for advisors to determine attendance of all students in that particular class.

DISMISSALS         Dismissal Forms for Parents
ALL DISMISSAL NOTES MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE STUDENT OFFICE PRIOR TO 9:45 AM. Students should not leave class to bring down dismissal notes. Time before school or passing time should be utilized. Dismissal notes should include the following information, and be written and signed by a parent/guardian:
    • Student’s name
    • Parent/guardian’s signature and phone number where they can be reached that day.
    • An acceptable reason for the dismissal.
    • The specific time of the student’s dismissal and whether or not the student is returning to school. If so, the approximate time the student will be returning.
    • A list of classes the student will miss.
Parents who wish to dismiss their student and have not submitted a written dismissal note to school with the student will need to come in person to sign their student out of school. No verbal or phone dismissals will be honored. Upon returning to school from an appointment, students must sign in at the student office. Students who are ill must obtain a pass to the health office from their teacher. Students may be dismissed by the nurse for medical reasons only. No student is dismissed without parent/guardian approval.