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Coaches Mission Statement

THE PRIMARY FOCUS OF EACH COACH is the welfare of the student-athlete. Coaches at Longmeadow are expected to provide a positive athletic experience for student-athletes, coaches, officials, and fans. The objectives of coaches are based on developing a high level of competition while upholding educational values, such as sportsmanship, health, scholastic achievement, leadership and a strong sense of respect for self and others.

OUR COACHING STAFF works to enrich the mental, physical, and emotional well being of all student-athletes. Each coach strives to assist in shaping student-athletes into well-
rounded, productive and substance-free individuals. All coaches work to develop a
community of lifelong learners who achieve their maximum potential in a competitive
and challenging environment. All student-athletes are provided the opportunity to reach
their goals as students, athletes, and as individuals in the community.

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